SnapSafe Lockbox for Handgun review

SnapSafe Lockbox for Handgun review

If you are the type of gun owner who likes to bring his guns during travels, then this is the gun safe that you must get. It is durable and easy to carry. It has enough room for a handgun and a couple of magazines.

With a body made of 16 gauge steel, this unit should be able to withstand the typical bumps and drops. It should also be strong enough to resist typical burglar attacks.

It may not have an advanced biometric mechanism, but its key locking system is tried and tested. You don’t have to worry about fingerprint misreading, or inputting the wrong code, which could spell disaster in the face of a home intrusion.

Important Features


Steel construction.

This unit is made of 16 gauge steel, which reviewers on describe as tough and sturdy enough for most burglars to break. Its body should be able to prevent a quick smash and grab, as well as a child from accessing the contents.

However, there are also some reviews on suggesting that a burglar with the right tools will be able to pry this safe open.

Padded interior.

This safe has a padded interior that can protect guns against scratches and dent. The 1.25 inch memory foam interior secures the weapon inside it as well as other accessories, preventing any movement while the safe is in transit.

Compact design.

Make no mistake about it—this safe is designed to be carried around. Its dimensions of 6inches by 9.5 inches by 1.75 inches will give you the impression that you can put this inside a bag or even a briefcase.

Plus this safe is also certified by the Department of Justice and the Transportation Security Administration. This means that you can safely bring this unit on a flight, provided you check it with your luggage.

Easy to mount.

This safe is also very easy to mount given its size. Most reviewers say they use the included safety cable in locking this unit to a stable or fixed surface. It can be placed inside a cabinet, or slid under the car seat, or placed in the trunk of the car.

Key locking mechanism.

The key locking mechanism of this safe is admittedly not as advanced as a biometric scanner, or an electronic keypad.

But many reviewers who have grown using a lock for their safe say they are very much comfortable using the key lock of this handgun safe.

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  • It is affordable
  • It is very portable
  • It is easy to mount


  • There’s no padding in the sides of the safe


Q: Is this heat resistant?

A: Yes

Q: Is this fire proof?

A: No there is no insulation for fire

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Final Verdict

The SnapSafe Lockbox with Key Lock for Handgun may have the simplest locking mechanism in this list, but most of its owners are pretty satisfied with it. They say that they prefer to have keys instead because it would work 100 percent of the time.

They value more the high probability that they can open the safe using the provided keys; instead of say, putting their fingers on a scanner which can lead to fingerprint reading errors.

Aside from the simple and reliable key locking system of this safe, the compact design of this unit is another major selling point.

The price is also very attractive to budget-conscious gun owners.  You should not overlook this unit if you’re looking for a reliable, portable, and affordable gun safe.

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