Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

In the event of a burglar getting inside your house, the last thing you want to happen is for you to be a second late in retrieving your weapon. That’s why a lot of gun safes are designed to be opened in the shortest time possible.

The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol safe is designed for a single handed access. With its locking mechanism, you can have one of your hands open the safe while your other hand holds on to the door of your room.

Or maybe have your eyes fixed on the intruder as he makes his way into the main entrance of your house.

Important Features


All-steel body.

This safe is made from 12 gauge steel. With a solid steel construction, the safe should be strong enough to resist a typical drill and pry attack. Most reviewers online say that the safe feels pretty solid.

Aside from its all-steel body, this safe is designed to withstand blow from an axe. It can also resist pry attacks because its lip overhangs the bottom section, so burglars won’t be able to use a crowbar to forcefully open it.

Advanced locking mechanism.

Arguably the main selling point of this gun safe is its combination of a biometric and electronic locking system.

With the biometric locking mechanism, the safe is able to remember/recognize up to two fingerprints. You simply put your finger in the scanner, and the door should open. This significantly reduces the time required in opening the safe.

In case the scanner doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, you have another option—to input the user code in the keypad.

Easy mounting.

The bottom of the pistol safe has pre-drilled holes. This is designed to enable users to easily mount this safe to the floor.

There is also mounting hardware included in the product package. Most reviewers on say installation wasn’t that hard with this gun safe.

Battery operated.

This safe is powered by four AA batteries, which unfortunately are not included in the product package. There are mixed reviews as far as battery life is concerned; some reviewers say it is short while others are content with it.

The unit will ‘warn’ you that you need to replace the battery as the LED light blinks when the battery level is low.

Whisper Quiet Entry.

This pistol safe is designed with a zero feedback lock and compression gas strut. It is unlike other gun safes that are notorious for loud locking mechanisms as well as large clanging bolts.

Simply put, you can get your weapon without giving the burglar a clue that you have opened a safe.

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  • It allows one handed access
  • It is quiet
  • It is easy to mount


  • It has no override keys


Q: Does it have anchor points for wall mounting?

A: No, as it is not designed for wall mounting.

Q: Does it have a security cable?

A: None

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Final Verdict

The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is a good choice if you’re the type of gun owner who wants to access his weapons in the quickest way possible.

With its biometric locking mechanism, this safe lets you get to your pistol in 1-2 seconds. The electronic locking mechanism, meanwhile, is your back-up to the biometric system in case you can’t open it.

The absence of override keys, though, can be a turn-off especially for those gun owners who are used to a traditional key lock system. Still, it cannot be denied that this quick access pistol safe is a very solid choice for any gun owner.

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