Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Gun Safe Review

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Gun Safe Review

Gunvault is one of the more trusted makers of gun safes. And the GV2000S is a prime example of why the company has maintained that reputation through the years.

This safe features a hand-shaped keypad with its buttons at the fingertips. The keypad is shaped that way so that users will be able to put their fingers on it, quickly scan their fingerprints, and cause the door to open.

This safe has enough room for 1-2 handguns and a handful of magazines. The interior is lined with foam to protect guns against scratches. The body of the safe itself is made of steel.

Important Features


Strong and secure.

This safe is made of 16 gauge steel, which should be strong enough to withstand burglar attacks. Most reviewers online say that the safe feels solid and relatively heavy at 14 pounds.

However, burglars will still be able to carry off this safe so it is recommended that it is mounted to the floor. There’s no security cable included in the package though.

Electronic locking mechanism.

Another key feature of this safe is its electronic locking mechanism. With a four-button combination, the locking mechanism offers more than 12 million possible codes.

Suffice to say, burglars have a better chance of winning the lottery than correctly guessing the right code.

Programming your own codes in the keypad is very easy, thanks to the supplied user’s manual. Moreover, the rubber buttons allow you to quickly enter your code without looking at the keypad, or even in the dark.

Spacious interiors.

This safe may be compact but it has enough room for 2-3 handguns. Accessories like extra magazines may also be stored along with your weapons.

The interior surfaces are foam padded, so you don’t have to worry about your weapons getting scratches. You can remove the shelf if you need to store something bigger than a gun. But the shelf’s position is not adjustable.

Easy to mount.

Since the door is on the front, it is highly recommended that the safe is fixed to the floor. There are supplied templates and hardware that you can turn to in mounting this safe.

There are also several knockout tabs on the unit that would let you attach a security cable. However, you have to purchase one if you want to tie this unit around a post.

Audio feedback.

This safe has an audio feedback feature, which confirms correct keypad entries. But you can also disable this so that the safe goes into ‘stealth’ mode. This is important if you don’t want a burglar to have any inkling that you are opening a safe.

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  • It is easy to mount
  • It is strong and secure
  • It has enough room for 2-3 handguns


  • Shelf is made of plastic/feels cheap
  • Consumes 9V battery fast


Q: How would you know that the battery level is low?

A: There is an audio and LED low battery warning

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: The manufacturer backs up this product with a five year warranty

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Final Verdict

This is a safe that is ideal for gun owners who want to access their weapons in the shortest time possible. The handshaped keypad of this safe makes it possible for owners to open the door in 1-2 seconds.

I also like that this is a portable safe that you can mount inside a cabinet or under your car seat. The price of this safe also makes it a very intriguing option for any gun owner.

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