Best Single Handgun Safe – Guide & Reviews

Best Single Handgun Safe – Guide & Reviews

A gun needs a safe for security and safety concerns. Learn the best single handgun safe in this review.

Some gun safes are crammed with so many features, and often they’re aimed at owners with several guns. But what if you just have one?

Then there’s no need to spend money on a large gun safe. If you just want a container to secure your pistol, the following should help.

Introduction to the Editors’ Choice Best Single Handgun Safe

If you look up handgun safes online you’ll find more than a few, so what sets a great gun safe from the ordinary one? First of all, they are solidly built and the door cannot be pried off easily.

These gun safes also use high gauge steel and offer plenty of space in the interior for your gun or other valuables.

Not all single gun safes offer these capabilities, and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything but the highest quality. Below are five gun safes you can choose from.

Recommended Best Single Handgun Safe Reviews


Editor Rating:

The GV1000S is smaller than the other GunVault safes, but it shares many of their features to ensure your gun is secure.

From its fortified casing to locking mechanism, the GV1000S has quality written all over it.


Its 16 gauge steel walls and door makes prying impossible without raising a ruckus. The safe measures 13 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches, so most handguns fit in with space for ammo.

A standard feature in GunVault safes is the soft foam in the interior which serves as protection for the items inside.

There are two styles to choose from, biometric and combination. With the biometric you open the safe with your recorded fingerprint for quick access.

Whichever version you choose, the safe will share some common features like override keys, No Eyes keypad and low battery indicator.

The GV1000S runs on just one 9 volt battery and the warranty is good for 5 years. There is an AC adapter and a light inside.


Both biometric and combination style safes work great. It’s easy to program a new code, and it doesn’t take long to program your fingerprints.

Only authorized fingerprints can open the safe, providing an extra level of protection.

The GV1000S is one of the quietest gun vaults around, as there is no creaking sound when you open.

There is a confirmatory beeping sound but it’s very quiet. As far as size goes, the GV1000S is compatible with most handguns.


Editor Rating:

Sentry makes several biometric safes, and this one, model QAP1BE, has all the features you’d expect from a quality gun safe.

The safe uses Sentry’s proprietary biometric system for quick and reliable identification.


It’s a known fact that some people have trouble remembering long passcodes, especially when under stress, i.e. there’s a break in. With biometric technology, a single press grants access to your weapon.

The safe fits J and K frame guns, so you can put a large handgun in it, and the housing is made from steel. The top lid cannot be pried, and all the hardware and components are quiet.


The gun safe is small enough for a desk or nightstand. You can also put it inside a larger safe, but the Sentry is secure enough on its own.

The biometric lock works seamlessly. However what really makes the Sentry stand out is its inclusion of a key lock and entry code for additional security.

The gas strut keeps the lid open, so there’s no need to hold it up. The 12 gauge steel is very strong yet light.

If you want to bring this safe while traveling, it won’t be a burden. Because the safe has a copper strip for the biometrics, identification is faster and more reliable.

One more thing: the overhanging lip at the bottom makes it impossible for someone to open the safe with a crowbar. There are also pre-drilled openings under the safe for mounting.


Editor Rating:

The MV500-STD is an ideal single handgun safe be it for home or travel.

With interior dimensions of 10 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 2 inches, you can fit most types of handguns inside.


The MV500-STD is designed for a single gun, but you can fit in a magazine or two as well. Or you can use this as a container for gadgets or cash.

Running on a 9v battery (not included), it has the standard features common in GunVault safes like a backup override key, No Eyes keypad and security cable.

The housing is 16 gauge steel so the door is invulnerable to prying, and the keypad buttons makes programming easy.

Like the rest of the GunVault models, this model is portable (5 lbs.) and it comes with interior foam protection. You can put a 40 caliber and some magazines inside and place it by your bed.


The GunVault is compact but secure. Since it doesn’t come with a battery you have to open it with a key. After you install a battery, just enter the new code and you’ll see how easy the safe is to use.

The safe is compact, and that’s another advantage as you can hide it. The safe also emits a flashing red LED light in case of an incorrect entry.

With this feature you’ll know right away if someone is trying to mess around with your GunVault. The MV500-STD is meant to be used for home and travel, and its features suit that.


Editor Rating:

This gun safe from Nova USA Collection may be advertised for cars, but it’s also good for car use.

Measuring 11” x 8.34” x 2.28", it fits most pistols, and you also get a couple of security cables for added security.


The gun safe is made from heavy gauge steel and it has rounded corners for more comfortable handling.

There are two pre-drilled holes so you can mount the safe at home or your car. The safe’s design also conforms to the standards set by the TSA for airline weapons.

The gun safe has thick foam to safeguard your gun from bumps. This feature is especially useful if you travel frequently and carry the safe with you. And because it is small enough you can put under your seat.


This is a no-nonsense gun safe that works as it should. The lock is secure and with its steel housing and is resistant to tampering.

The safe design is sleek and streamlined, and its powder coating finish gives it extra strength.

This is a well-made gun safe that works well at home or on the road. Either way, you’re assured of dependable performance.

A lot of gun owners don’t bother to mount this as it’s more convenient to carry around. But it is good to know the option is there.


Editor Rating:

The SportLock Cases are not as well-known as those of others.

However, the company actually makes some very reliable gun safes, including the SafeLock series.


The SafeLock interior dimensions are 9.7" H x 6.5" W x 1.6" D, which is just the right size for most handguns. There are two versions, one with a key and the other using a combination.

Apart from the different security mechanisms, both gun safes have a similar appearance. The one with the key has a padded lining, and it comes with two keys, handy in case you lose one.

If you’d rather use the combination lock version, you’ll see that it looks the same except for the combination options in place of the key.

But apart from that, there is no major difference between the two, even in size and capacity.


The SafeLock is not the most powerful gun safe, but for home and travel they will suffice. The housing is made of solid materials and should last a long time. Its compact size also makes it ideal for use in homes and travel.

The gun safe’s interior padding is soft, but it does provide a decent amount of protection for your firearm.

If you’re traveling with the gun safe, there’s no getting around the fact that your gun will get rattled along the way.

With the padding, you don’t have to worry about anything untoward happening to it.

While most guns can fit in the safe, it’s also a good option for storing your valuable items like jewelry or money inside. With its durable construction, it’s designed to last.

Final Verdict

Today’s gun safes have evolved a lot from the past. Now they’re equipped with a lot more security options, and they have more space as well.

But there are times wherein you just need a safe for one gun, one that’s practical yet convenient to use.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend any of the gun safes above. All of them are high quality and built to last.

With one of these safes you can sleep at night knowing your gun is secure yet easily accessible in case there is an emergency.

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