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Want the best safe for your handgun? Read our picks for the best handgun safes available.

Choosing the gun safe can be difficult with so many options available. However you can’t settle for just any safe. You want your handgun safe and secure, and at the same time out of reach of children. And that is what this site is for.

We have spent hours going through the top safes for handguns and filtered the list to the top 10. Buying a gun safe isn’t something you should take for granted. That’s why you’re better off learning as much about handgun safes as possible.

Introduction to the Best Handgun Safe

What are the qualities that make for a good gun safe? A good gun safe, at the very least, serves as a storage place for your firearm. By storing your gun, only you and those you authorize have access to it.

The gun safes we present here provide top level security for your weapon. Not only do you keep it out of reach of kids, but of burglars too. We know how important security is for you, and that’s why we thoroughly reviewed and assessed each feature. To qualify for this selection, each gun safe must have enhanced security features and easy to operate.

All gun safes have the same purpose, but their built and quality vary. Some gun safes provide very little protection, and anyone can break through them. We have steered clear of those and present only the best.

Choose the Best Handgun Safe : Things to consider


Buy a gun safe with space for at least two pistols even if you only have one gun. You can use the extra space for the ammo or a magazine. The extra space also comes in handy if you plan to store valuables inside it.

You should also think of the future. If you have any plans to buy more guns, get a bigger gun safe. Check the interior dimensions – this should be in the product specs – to get an idea of what you can put inside it.

Some gun safes have shelves so you can arrange the items inside. However the presence of a divider could also eat up space, so look at the gun safe before buying. It will definitely help if you know what you want to put in the gun safe first.


The most basic gun safe uses a combination lock. For security purposes, get one with a combination lock and digital keypad. Digital keypads are harder to break into.

Some gun safes use biometric technology for added protection. By recording your fingerprints, you get an extra level of security. Just make sure to wipe the glass clean so no one can use your fingerprint.

The ideal gun safe has the following features: solid steel construction, fire protection, a secure combo lock and a keypad. Other gun safes have replaced the keypad with biometric systems as it is more convenient.

Gun safes provide different levels of security aimed at different people. If you just want to deny children access, a gun safe with a solid lock will do. But if you want something more secure, look for as many entry and security options as possible.

Safety Features:

Gun safes should have multiple safety and security features. First off is the construction. Don’t settle for anything less than solid steel. Most gun safes use 16 or 12 gauge steel, which are good enough for most users.

A quality gun safe offers some degree of protection against fire. The amount of protection varies, so read the product description. There should also be backup override keys, so even if the batteries run out you’ll be able to open the safe.


All handgun safes are designed to be portable, but some are lighter than others. You have to strike a balance between weight and portability. If you’re going to mount the gun safe on the floor or wall permanently, weight won’t be an issue.

If you plan to carry the case, portability will be important. Keep in mind the weight given in product description is for an empty gun safe. If you carry your gun or other valuables, this will be essential.

Other Considerations:

For most people, a steel gun safe with a digital keypad is enough. However others may need more. Some gun safes have a light so you can see the items even if it’s dark. Others have fortified cables, high rated fire protection, etc. The choice is up to you.

Recommended Best Handgun Safe

First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun SafeFirst-Alert-5200DF-Portable-Handgun-or-Pistol-Safe

Editor Rating:


The 5200DF is designed with security and convenience in mind. It has a 3 to 8 digit keypad (no see) so you can quickly access your weapon.

The safe measures 9.2″L x 11.1″W x 3.5″H, with interior dimensions at 9.0″L x 10.9″W x 3.3″H, large enough for most handguns.


The safe is made from heavy duty 18 gauge steel, so it’s more than capable of taking a few hits and bumps.


A peek at the interior shows it is padded with foam to protect your gun. This foam padding also shields the interior from dents. It isn’t that thick but it serves its purpose of protecting the items.

The locking mechanism is well-designed, and the spring load makes opening and closure easy. The safe is portable, but you can use the bundled steel cable to fasten it to the floor, shelf or your car. Mounting the gun safe is straightforward, and once in place, very difficult to remove.


The 5200DF is an exceptional handgun safe. While it’s designed mostly for handguns, you can also use this to store important documents, jewelry, cash or other files or items. With the spring door locking system, it will open quickly, great if there is an emergency.

The gun safe requires 2 AA batteries and the warranty is good for 3 years. The design has the approval of the California Department of Justice, testament to its quality.

Check Price On AmazonGunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun SafeGunVault-SV500-SpeedVault-Handgun-Safe

Editor Rating:


The SV500 is built from the ground up to secure your weapon. It sports a secured but convenient design for easy access.

While offering quick access, the safe doesn’t compromise when it comes to security.


Its design and size makes this the ideal safe / case to store under your desk or bedroom for quick access. The lock mechanism is solidly built and can’t be pried open with tools.


If you want to store your gun – or other valuables – this case keeps them secure.

The case comes with two backup keys for overriding purposes. This is a handy feature so you’re assured of access anytime, anywhere.

There’s also an interior light, so even if it’s dark you can still see the content. In case the power is cut off and you don’t have a flashlight you won’t be helpless.


The gun safe is constructed from 18 gauge steel, providing extra security for your weapon. The interior of the gun safe has specially designed interior foam. It is this foam that protects the items inside from damage, and the foam also keeps your gun from rattling.

The SV500 has a 5 year warranty for burglary and fire. This alone tells you how durable and reliable the safe is.

Check Price On AmazonStack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic LockStack-On-PDS-1500-Drawer_Safe-Electronic

Editor Rating:


The PDS-1500 is a multipurpose safe, designed not just for guns but also ammo and other valuables.

The case is heavy, constructed from thick steel with hidden hinges and steel locking bolts.


You can program the safe quickly and there is a key override option. Another important security feature is its timeout option, which activates after three wrong entries.


The safe also has holes so you can fasten it to the floor, and the mounting hardware is included. The plastic keypad can handle 4 to 8 number combos, and there’s a handle for opening.

The interior is large enough for about three handguns, depending on their size. You can easily fit a 38 Special, Bersa 380 and a 9 MM with room for ammo.

The matte finish looks sharp and holds up well. You have the option of using the gun safe to store valuables instead, and there’s room for that here.


The PDS-1500 is as durable as it is easy to use. You just need to enter the code, rotate the knob and the safe opens. There are also a couple of pins in the safe so people won’t be able to pry it loose.

The construction is solid, it’s easy to mount and has excellent safety features, and that’s really all you could ask for in handgun safe.

Check Price On AmazonAmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic FeetAmazonBasics Security Safe

Editor Rating:


This security safe is constructed from durable, pry resistant metal, while the interior has soft surface.

It’s this flooring that provides protection for your guns, jewelry or other items you have stored.


The interior shelf is adjustable, allowing you to organize the content as you please. You can also take the shelf off if you want.


Just like any good gun safe, you can bolt this on the floor or wall, and four bolts are bundled with the safe to help you do this.

A lot of people like to carry the gun safe, but the mount options are solid too. The safe has a programmable electronic lock and a couple of override keys. The safe requires four AA batteries (not included).

Once the batteries are installed, you just need to enter your new passcode. Once the code is entered you just enter the passcode, rotate the knob and the safe opens.


With its 0.5 cubic capacity, there is more than enough space for your pistol, ammo and other items you may want to put in here. Another nice thing about the safe is it is heavier than others in its range. A heavy safe acts as a deterrent to burglary, so this is a plus. The safe itself opens quickly for instant access.

Check Price On AmazonSentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol SafeSentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Editor Rating:


This safe is designed to give your firearm maximum protection via its biometric system.

With this you can program the safe to recognize only your fingerprint.

This is in addition to the combination lock that comes with the Sentry, so you’ll have a secure safe that’s easy to access.



The biometric system accommodates two fingerprints for programming. The keypad also comes with an override key and there’s no audile feedback when you use it. This means you have several options to access your safe, and the biometrics system is easy to use (there are instructions included).

The safe is built from solid 12 gauge steel, ensuring the security of your firearm or whatever items you place inside it. The design is also pry resistant so no one can gain unauthorized access.


The safe also has a compression gas strut which opens the lid and maintains that position. With this feature you can access the safe single handed. In case of a break-in, you won’t make a sound as there’s no need to move the safe.

The Sentry gun safe has zero feedback, and this is important for security reasons. One of the more common complaints with gun safes is the amount of noise they make which could alert intruders. With the Sentry they won’t hear anything.

Check Price On AmazonSnapSafe Lockbox with Key Lock for HandgunSnapSafe Lockbox with Key Lock for Handgun

Editor Rating:


The SnapSafe is constructed from 16 gauge steel, and its interior is large enough to fit most handguns with room for your ammo.

You can also use this safe to store cash, passports and jewelry.


The safe is bundled with an enhanced security cable, and the safe adheres to the standard set by the TSA airline firearm guidelines.


This gun safe also conforms to the CA DOJ specifications for firearm security. Furthermore, the safe has two keys and an easy to learn lock mechanism.


At 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.75”, the safe is large enough for most handguns, but is still portable. You can use this at home or the office and the lock mechanism is secure. The security cable is durable and won’t easily be cut. Its construction is also solid and should last a lifetime.

This gun safe is large enough to house a Glock 21 and similarly sized guns. The lock also doesn’t have a lot of play, which makes it difficult for anyone to pry it loose.

Since it conforms to the requirements set by airlines, you can take it with you while traveling. And it also offers enough security for use in your home.

Check Price On AmazonFortress Alarming Quick Access Pistol SafeFortress-Alarming-Quick-Access-Pistol-Safe

Editor Rating:


The Fortress Pistol Safe is equipped with a rapid access keypad, and it is built of solid steel.

The security system and the construction are up to the standards of the DOJ, giving you an idea of its quality.


The Fortress comes with a programmable lock and its Alarm-U system keeps would-be burglars at bay.


Another notable feature is its button keypad, which simplifies access without producing any sound.

It also comes with a spring loaded door, and combined with the e-lock makes it easy to retrieve the items inside without reducing security.

There is enough room inside the box for a couple of handguns and some ammo. The gun safe is easy to program and use, but the security features are enough to deter children and would-be burglars.


The gun safe comes with foam padding that serves as protection for the items inside. The interior offers plenty of room for small firearms, magazines and holsters. Reprogramming is easy, and the directions for use are simple to follow. The gun safe also does a good job in conserving battery life.

This gun safe has a 10 year warranty and a lifetime attack warranty, something that other products don’t offer.

Check Price On AmazonGunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun SafeGunvault-MV500-STD-Microvault-Pistol-Gun-Safe

Editor Rating:


The Microvault MV500-STD has a 1500 lb. test cable and solid steel construction throughout for protection.

The safe measures 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches with the interior measuring 10 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 2 inches.

This gives you enough space for a pistol and magazine.



The interior has room for a .45 and similar sized guns, or you can put a GPS and other small devices inside it. The combination lock is secure yet easy to use.

The safe weighs 5 lbs., light to carry for travel, and with its 16 gauge steel exterior sufficient protection against tampering. You can also program the keypad for a new passcode. You can also use the emergency override keys in case of an emergency. But going back to the keypad, they’re accessible even in the dark.


The gun safe has interior foam padding to protect your belongings or weapon so they don’t get tossed around. The foam is of good quality, and it is enough to safeguard the content.

The gun safe requires a 9v battery (not included), so when you receive the gun safe you use the key to open. The warranty covers burglary and fire and is good for five years.

Check Price On AmazonGunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun SafeGunvault-MV500-STD-Microvault-Pistol-Gun-Safe

Editor Rating:


The first thing that strikes you about the SV 500 is its unique design which allows for quick access.

It is compact and can be installed anywhere it’s convenient for you.

Because it isn’t as bulky as other gun safes, it’s more practical for home or business use.



The gun safe has a digital keypad with easy programming options. The SV 500 also has several mounting options, allowing you to set it up the way you like it. Most install this under a desk, but you can mount this anywhere you want.

The gun safe is constructed of 18 gauge steel, and the lock is pry resistant. There is a backup override key included in case the battery goes dead. There is also a LED and audio low battery indicator. The safe itself does a good job of conserving battery life so you don’t have to keep buying a new one.


The safe is compact, but it is large enough to most handguns including a full frame one. With its drop down design, access is convenient day or night. The build is sturdy and can also be used to store valuable items. It doesn’t look like your regular gun safe, but it’s still effective.

Check Price On Amazon

Barska Biometric Safe

BARSKA-Biometric-SafeCheck Price

Editor Rating:


The Barska Biometric Safe offers the security of biometrics, but it’s also convenient to use.

The system can record up to 30 fingerprints, and once recorded you just tap to open it.


The gun safe measures 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches (W x H x D). There is enough space for your handgun as well as jewelry and documents, and mounting hardware is included.


The gun safe also comes with a couple of emergency backup keys in case you need to access the items in an emergency.

Its biometric system works well, providing good enough security so no one gets access to your gun or valuables. Because it relies on your fingerprint, you don’t have to remember long, complex passcodes.


Aside from the biometrics, the gun safe has a solid steel dead bolt system for extra protection. The gun safe also has pre-drilled holes so you can mount it on the floor or wall.

The Barska Biometric Safe runs on two AA batteries (not included). When installed it’s going to last for 2 years. Replace the batteries if the indicator lights turn red and you hear a beep three times.

For optimum security, clean the fingerprint scanner. After every use, wipe prints and smudges with a clean cloth. You should also test the fingerprints registered every 6 months to ensure everything is in order.

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Final Verdict

We hope you find the reviews and information presented here useful. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a high quality safe for your handgun. With a secure safe, your firearm and other valuables will remain safe and protected.

Deciding which safe to buy for your handgun can be a daunting task, what with so many products. That’s why we picked out the 10 handgun safes here and we’re confident you’ll find them satisfactory for your needs.

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